Red Collagen Skincare

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Like skin food, our Red Collagen Collection leverages our proprietary plant-based complex, made up of Snow Algae, Red Flower Complex and Soybean. Through cutting edge technology, we created the one-of-a-kind ingredient to help skin produce more Collagen naturally and on its own — because with the right formulas, your skin already has everything it needs. 

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cult-favorite sheet masks

In a crowded and oversaturated market, our masks stand apart for their nourishing serums, rich in high performance nutrients, which are uniquely complemented by soothing fabrics. Don't worry - Our sheet masks  are always cruelty, paraben and sulfate-free.




Dr. 14 reinvents the daily hair regimen, by offering one be-all-end-all treatment to help all of your scalp and hair needs. The dermatologist-tested and approved formula provides ultra-revitalizing scalp care, the foundation of strong, beautiful hair.

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While we understand the power of a face mask more than most, a well rounded beauty regimen goes beyond traditional skin care; a healthy complexion means nourished skin all over. Complete your regimen with our Foot, Hair and Hand Masks for radiant beauty from face to toe.